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Hello readers! I have been wanting to do more personal posts as I did in the past that involved my daily life, thoughts, and monthly updates. But I didn't know where to start from and I decided I will start small by doing monthly updates as I try to remember the events that occurred the past month.

Tosin's birthday dinner with the roommates

This semester we officially started our new rotations I am currently in surgery and it has been like a never-ending wheel. It is so different from medicine with late closings and increased volume of reading I feel like I'd never catch up, to be honest. Although I'm trying but I am always so tired after I get back from work. Because of this I usually wake up super early to read but honestly get tired easily during the day (especially by 4pm) because of this.

My goal next month is to definitely get a routine and stick to it. I use the primodoro method to read with the app called focus keeper but right now I am at 6 sessions which are a weak 3 hours daily (during the week). I spent my weekends in January trying to get re-situated that I barely used them for constructive work. This is another goal I need to work on for February.

School has taken a toll on my social life! Now, what I call fun is sitting on my bed watching Netflix as I eat and pass out shortly after. However, since my first half of January was spent at how I did hang out a lot with the hubby as well as I got to host new years dinner with my family and that was fun. I also went out with my roommates for our neighbors birthday in which we marginally dressed up (first time wearing makeup all month).

As I said I watch way too much Netflix right now as its the only major streaming service available in Ghana (YES I'm talking to you Hulu). Hulu really needs to improve on their game and infiltrate the international countries! My favorite shows that I binged on last month were The good place, What's wrong with Secretary Kim, Travelers, Dynasty, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jane the Virgin and Boss baby. It was a lot,  given the first two weeks we had Christmas break!

I have been trying my hardest to eat healthier and infuse more greens in my diet while in Ghana (although I wish Shoprite sold Kale- it would make this easier). All we have is spinach: so i have been trying to eat spinach everyday, fun. I have also been eating breakfast no matter how busy I am! My classmates know me for eating yogurt, and an apple every morning during lectures.

I really also want to start working out but that has been a complete failure this month, every time I get back home I am just too tired to move. All I do is eat and sleep till the next morning.

I just revamped my 8 step Korean skincare routine this year. {New year new skin} I have been doing my best to follow it daily no matter how stressful school has been. Seeing quick results has been a great motivation honestly. My hair has been growing so fast since I cut it 6 months ago. I cannot wait to do a post about it! Although I am still in search of what can combat extreme dryness especially for when I am in Texas.

+ Start working out 
+ Sleep fewer hours
+ Study for longer periods of time (more focus sessions)
+ Take more photos 

That's my update for January, honestly, this is the most open I have been on Bliss about school, we'd see how this goes. Till next month!


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