Sunday, March 3


It is quite ironic that when I updated my profile stating new posts every Friday I then didn't post the next Friday. But it was due to my exams. Last Friday I had my surgery OSCE (objective structured clinical examination) which was actually not as horrible and scary as I expected it to be. This is one of the exams I feel like I have studied the most for. Although my problem as to why is as scared was not because of studying and remembering. It was more so because of anxiety/stage fright. I felt like because there was an examiner present I would get scared and forget everything. I think it went well, I had a hernia examination, breast examination, anorectal malformation history and Trauma history (my fave surgery rotation) and 2 unmanned stations (POP and NG tube).

I am finally done with Junior surgery clerkship/rotation and I feel like I have learned SO much!! I can't belive it! In the beginning, I felt like surgery was not for me, because I had a bad experience in clinical methods for surgery and it just spoilt everything. But when I went through General and Trauma I fell in love. Also, I feel like the attending doctor matters to what sparks your interests. My attendings for these two rotations taught so well and were very friendly and nice to the students, they made me love surgery. I love general surgery now, but I love trauma more. After the OSCE I have a two-week break while the medicine group has their own OSCE then we start entirely new rotations in Systemic Pathology, Chemical Pathology, and Microbiology and I am ready for a fresh new start!

I didn't do anything fun this month except for the occasional birthdays with my anatomy group. I barely even have any pictures cause we hung in our comfy clothes. No one wants that posted on the internet!

I finally finished The Good Place Thanks to my American sista!! I bawled at the end of season 3 and cannot wait for season 4! I just restarted Key and Peele Season 1 and 2 and Fresh Prince of Bel Air and OMG my roommates are now irritated with my obnoxious laughing. They're such funny shows. I am also watching the Charmed reboot and as a BIG old Charmed fan (i have rewatched everything 2-3 times) I have a love-hate relationship with the show. I love that they added diversity to it but A LOT of things do not add up. Gosh don't get me started on the one that elders are just senior witches and can easily be killed (rolls eyes). I am also binging on Patriot Act with Hasan Minaj, Alexa and Katie (childish I know but I love the innocent like humor) and this interesting Japanese drama called Million Yen Women.

My hair has finally grown so much longer and fuller that I cannot just pat it and put my wig on without it looking lumpy! It is a good and a bad thing! I can finally do some tiny little cute twists and God it takes a long time to do!

+ Start working out- yeahhhhh that never happened lol
+ Sleep fewer hours-I think I tried a bit because of OSCE
+ Study for longer periods of time (more focus sessions)-Oh yeahhh this month I had better focus sessions! My top three were 12 sessions (6 hours), 9 sessions and 7 sessions
+ Take more photos- I actually tried, but there were no real opportunities

+ ENJOY my break
+ Start seriously studying for finals
+ More focus sessions!!


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