Friday, April 5


March was great!! Going home was the highlight of the month! I got to catch up with friends and family and spend some R & R time with my hubby. I also got to do my regular school shopping and restock on things that I would've had to buy in Ghana for 3x the price.

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My favorites for this month were quite simple, basic things I used almost every day. A few things were new, and some old products that I fell in love with again. Altogether, they have helped me with better skin and hair and looking great!

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I mentioned this leave-in conditioner as one on my wishlist for new hair products in my natural hair update. My roommate had been using it and recommended it, so I decided to try it out and I was amazed. Not only does it smell amazing, but it also keeps my hair moisturized and soft for days! No more dry, itchy scalp!
This was a staple for my 8-step Korean skincare routine. And I love how it keeps my face from developing breakouts as well as work to fade any old acne scars. It has a small percentage of AHA in it which helps fade the acne scars. I noticed whenever I stop using it I tend to break-out more. Now I use it daily!
Although I haven't really seen a drastic change in my wrinkles I have noticed my under-eye area seems plumper and refreshed and more moisturized thanks to this cream. It is light enough for hot humid weather in Ghana but effective in moisturization.
This is the glue I use to lay down my wigs. And although there are many waterproof new wig glues available now I stick to this one because I do prefer the non-waterproof types to prevent stripping off my edges.  I like that I can easily remove it at the end of the day. I also love the new and improved formula version. I notice a BIG difference with the old formula (which they still sell here in Ghana). With the old formula, when I sweat the white glue can drip down my face!! BUT the new formula just gets tacky with sweat, doesn't drip and resticks back once it's dried.

The hubby bought this for me (and many other sheet masks) when he went to Japan in January (still super salty that I couldn't come along because of school). This by far is my fave of all of them! It leaves my face, soft and smooth and brighter as well. I've almost finished the entire box!

That's my faves for last month!
Hope y'all are having a wonderful April!


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