Saturday, April 13


Was supposed to get this post yesterday but it has been a lazy weekend and week for me. I miss March and my vacation. Not really ready for school and new work but I got to right?

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Beautiful view of the Coast over Accra as we flew to Kumasi


Started March with exams, ended with new rotations. Systemic pathology was actually fun, we got to see pathology pots, and slides under the microscope, I saw two autopsies and we did a seminar/ presentation. Mine was benign lesions of the Cervix: I actually enjoyed it. I am currently in Chemical pathology and I miss systemic!

When I went home, I had A LOT of fun, got to hang out with friends, we had a game night, and watch captain marvel with my brothers. And I also worked on adding pillows to our living room decorations! All that's left are some rustic floating shelves and some curtains!

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Went out to Wow donuts with Candis, a beautiful donut shop with very delicious donuts!!

I also visited The Manhyia Palace Museum when I got back to Ghana, it was very nice to know more about Ghana's history and culture.


Been watching A LOT of Netflix! But most Korean dramas. 
+ I finished W-Two Worlds Apart: An amazing alternate reality drama, I loved it.
+ Beauty Inside: another fictional reality drama about an actress who changes into other people once a month- I liked how she changed into people of different colors and cultures shapes and sizes. 
+ Alexa and Katie: A Disney-like show about a girl who survived Cancer and how her life is dealing with Cancer and being in remission. 
+ and Marriage Contract: A show about a widow who makes a marriage contract with her boss because she needed money for chemo and he needs a liver for his mom. Not really my type of drama but her kid is super cute. I watched it for the kid. 
+ I also caught up with Charmed. My o My I'm sad about Harry no longer being a whitelighter, kinda reminds me of when Leo (old Charmed) lost his wings as well. 
+ I watched Chief Daddy, a hilarious Nigerian movie about a rich man with many women and children fighting over his inheritance after death.
and am still rewatching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
+ I didn't finish Million Yen Women because it got to this weird part where one of the characters die (spoiler!) and I just couldn't finish it. Will finish it with the hubby later. 
+ I JUST started The Umbrella Academy yesterday and o my; It is INTERESTING. Like who killed their dad? who? I am so curious.


Still finessing my routine with its up and downs. Tried out The Ordinary and I was sadly disappointed with it. Kinda burnt out on hyped products. I'm legit going back to my Rainshadow basics at least if they don't work, I wouldn't have wasted money. I am still going to try out some new brands and I will post reviews on here of course.

I didn't have many goals for march apart from chilling :)
+ ENJOY my break- I DID!!
+ Start seriously studying for finals- well.....
+ More focus sessions!!-yeah Nah lol

+Try this focus session thing again till it is a habit
+Keep working out (YES I started!!)
+Start eating healthier food (Bought a smoothie maker today so we gon' try this!!)

That's it for my March, Hope y'all are having a great April!!
Ore :)


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