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Hello, y'all! Coming back with another pen review! 
I have always been a fan of Papermate as a brand, their products are easy to find, comfortable and reasonably priced; so when I found out they had gel pens I was so excited. 
From my first pen reviews, I had been using fine liners and ballpoint pens with gels. But now I have transitioned to gel only, I like how gels write and look on paper and I am clumsy, so if it doesn't smudge, the better.

Although I like gels I'm not too much a fan of fine point gels (something I recently found out about myself).

Spread joy (not smears) with quick-drying Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens. With vivid gel ink that dries 3X faster* for reduced smearing, it’s like a party on the page where smudges aren’t invited. With 14 brilliant colors to choose from, your notes will be bright and filled with fun. Perk alert: these colorful pens are fully wrapped with a comfort grip (because words should never hurt you) and feature a smooth style that keeps the joy flowing as fast as your thoughts.

Quick-drying ink dries 3X faster* for reduced smearing, so smears run in fear
Brilliant gel ink brightens all your notes
Ergonomic comfort grip wraps the entire pen
Smooth ink keeps the fun and ideas flowing

*vs Pilot G2 based on average dry times of black, blue, red, and green. Individual dry times may vary by color.

I first bought the 10 pack at WalMart then after falling in love with the pens, I purchased the 14 pack on amazon with extra blue and black pens. This is my new holy grail pen (till I find another one to replace it).

It comes in 14 colors, I love how bold the colors are, so bold that even the yellow shows very well and does not fade. I got the 0.7mm medium point, and the 0.5mm fine point. But I honestly prefer the medium point. I feel like the medium point glides on paper much better than the fine point. I gave the fine point to my husband since he prefers fine point pens in general.

The claims are correct, the pens do dry fast, have nice bold colors, and are very comfortable. I love them because I write a lot for school and while I'm studying, and it was very comfortable even through 8-12 hours of studying.

These pens remind me of my first love of gels, the Zebra Sarasa pens which are medium point has a nice variety of colors and dries fast as well. 

The only difference I noticed with the Zebra Sarasa was that the colors are not as bright and bold as Papermate. I also compared it to the Pilot G2 as they have claimed that it is better (I only had 3 G2s from a very old purchase) and Yes as a former user of G2 it glides better, dries faster, its bold and not streaky (that's one thing I hate about G2s they write streaky) 

It is not more comfortable than the other 2 brands though they all have a comfortable grip.

Overall, I give these pens a 9/10 they do bleed a bit (i tested on my Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5), they do not leak or write streaky. They have a significant amount of ink and are refillable (although I cannot find refills on Amazon).
product information is taken from papermate.com


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