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Hi, Y'all! So this post is basically how to maintain your wigs so it lasts long despite processing it multiple times and coloring it.  I have been doing this for years and it has been working well for me that is why I decided to share it. SO let's get to it.

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This might sound a little confusing because I didn't state at least I said at most; and yes I mean it. There's no need to wash your wig every day because that, of course, is a time-consuming task and it would dry out the hair and leave it damaged and dry and it definitely would not last.

However, the texture of the hair determines how often you wash it and unless you are slapping some cooking oil on your hair or rolling in the mud you do not need to wash your wig that often and the most wash you can do is weekly. I did say at most because I intended to actually say at least once a month to at most once a week. I personally wash mine once a month, and that's because my hair doesn't get dirty that fast and I'm not often in situations where it would get so dirty I have to wash it. However, if I do notice it is dirty before the window time is up I do wash it as soon as possible.

Basically the silkier/straighter the hair, the more likely it would need to be washed often, the coarse/ color-treated and curlier it is, the less likely it would need to be washed.

When I do wash, I shampoo the cap and the closure edges (to get all the glue out) with Suave Essentials Juicy Green Apple Shampoo and I co-wash the hair with Suave Essentials Tropical Coconut Conditioner. Because most of my hair is bleached blonde and coarse/curly, I do NOT shampoo the hair unless I do activities that need shampooing (my straight hair, rolling in mud, swimming, etc) In that case I go sulfate-free with Creme of Nature Argan Oil Sulphate Free Moisture and Shine Shampoo.

I use the silicone-free line from suave because I do not want any silicones in this process. I don't hate the 'cones however I would like to control the amount that is on my hair during this process to make sure the moisture is not prevented from penetrating the locks (silicones coat the strands). I go sulfate-free or co-wash the hair itself because I want to cleanse the hair without drying it out during this process and this has worked well.

The main idea is to treat the hair like it is yours and take care of it that way. SO if you would not let a product near your own locks why would you use it on your expensive wig?

This step is not to be skipped, no matter the texture of the hair. All you have to do is modify the type of product used depending on how coarse or silky the hair is.

One thing I have noticed is that this step actually helps you keep the hair healthy and moisturized and most likely prevents the need for styling products or extra managing of the hair.

For all my hair I've used the same deep conditioner for years and its worked for me, it is light and not too heavy and it is quite moisturizing. Organics by Africa's Best Hair Mayonnaise or Organics by Africa's Best Cholesterol Tea Tree oil.

For my curly bleached hair, I add a bit of coconut oil to the conditioning mix and since most of my hair is blonde, Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Conditioner is a staple in my collection [For more about blonde hair maintenance click here].

Silicon Mix. This product is a lifesaver for old damaged wigs. It can revive anything.

The difference between beauty store hair and virgin hair is the silicone coating on the hair. Because the strands are not that great, beauty store, non-Remy hair have a silicone coating on them which makes them look lustrous and silky when you purchase them and after a few washes the coating is gone and you are left with a tangled mess.

However, virgin hair has no silicone coating so you see it as is, and in its original state. But over time because the hair is not attached to a human being and getting nutrients it would become damaged and old and ratty: So, of course, a good revival/maintenance product is Silicone. I discovered Silicon mix when my only dark hair started acting up 2 weeks after use and it was what kept it lasting for years, in fact, this is everyone's favorite wig whenever I wear it.

Yepp, my most hated wig is everyone's favorite. If only they knew what I went through with it. So, yes I do use silicon mix as an added step and mix with my conditioner when I wash my hair I also make sure to use a silicone-free shampoo and co-wash beforehand so that this step can be effective.

I, however, wouldn't advise the use of it on brand new hair, just on old hair that needs to snap back to looking new.

For my curly hair, I love using Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner mixed with water (in a 3:7 fashion) in a spray bottle. For straight hair that needs moisture, a dollop of the product is fine applying from tips to roots.

Depending on the hair, sometimes styling products might not be needed. Sometimes, Frizz is inevitable and flyaways need to be treated and the hair needs to be kept smooth.

Three products that I alternate between depending on the gravity of the frizz are Shea butter (TAMA cosmetics scented unrefined shea butter), Argan Oil (One 'N Only Argan Oil Treatment) and Fantasia IC Frizz Buster Serum. Apply just a dollop/drop on palm, rub your palms together and apply to hair from tips working up to roots. The shea butter is a light, non-greasy way of fighting frizz and sealing moisture, the IC serum is heavy and thick while argan oil is in between.

When it comes to heat. Stay away from blow dryers. As for other heat tools, as long as you use a good heat protectant (and a good hairspray to keep the style for a long time), I think Heat styling with Ceramic based/Titanium coated curling irons and straighteners help give the hair life and make it look more put together and frizz-free (especially if it is straight).

My favorite heat brand for straighteners and curling irons is One n Only BaByliss PRO/Argan Heat. I just love how all their products leave my hair silky and soft.

For heat protectant I use anything! I am currently using Silk Elements Megasilk Olive Heat Protection Spray which I find to sometimes be a bit oily but it works for my hair. I also use the Fantasia IC Frizz Buster Serum as a heat protectant. If I am curling the hair I love the L'Oreal ELNETT SATIN HAIRSPRAY Extra Strong Hold with UV filter for Color-Treated Hair. This hairspray is light and it doesn't weigh the hair down or leave residue and it also has UV protection with is great for colored hair to prevent fading. For straightening, I use the One 'n Only Argan Oil Hair Spray Strong Hold.  It serves as a last-minute de-frizz after using the heat because it is infused with argan oil so it keeps the straight hear sleek and smooth.

Well, that is it for my wig care 101. I hope these tips are of help to anyone looking to maintain their wigs and to keep it lasting for many more years.
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