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Hey, y'all! It's been a while, I'm back to blogging again after a long break. I wanted to return by doing another hair post. This one is focussed on Virgin hair/Naked hair wigs and the maintenance of it.

I started wearing virgin hair in 2012 when I first posted this Parnevu review (my first sponsored post!). After that, I bought new hair yearly and although I don't have my first (and second) hair from 2012, and 2013. I do have my 2014 hair onwards.

Which I try to maintain and keep as new (After bleaching so many times!). I turned all my extensions into wigs once I became natural, and I have been loving the wig life ever since. Most of my wigs are bleached at least 3-4 times and dyed/ colored except for my braid wig, so maintaining them can be a chore but I have gotten used to it over the years.

My 2014 hair is now a short, red/black bob (here's a post on how to maintain red hair)

My 2015 Hair is now a short curly blonde bob (i have bleached and colored this hair 3 times!!)- here's a post on how to maintain bleached blonde hair.

My 2016 Hair is now a silver-blonde midlength straight hair (yeah I bleached it 4 times then dyed it silver now its ash blonde, it also lost its curl after dyeing it silver)

My 2017 Hair is still black. This hair couldn't take coloring as it started acting up a few months after purchase so I've left it in its original color

My 2018 Hair was my wedding hair which I have bleached and colored an additional 2 more times! This is the hair I am currently wearing and is my favorite of all of my wigs.

I also got another wig in 2018 which I have bleached and colored twice. And this year (2019) I decided to get a braid wig instead, I got one custom made from Etsy (Eminado Hair).

A post shared by Ore Ai (@oreleona) on

A post shared by Ore Ai (@oreleona) on

When it comes to coloring my wigs my goal is for it to be Light ash blonde balayage with dark roots. SO I do the lift 2-3 times then tone with a Light ash blonde box color (L'Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying Color + Shine Hair Color, 9.5A Lightest Ash Blonde).

Since this post is heavy on pictures and I have established my wig history, let's talk about how to take care of them in the next post on Friday!

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