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Happy new month everyone!! Its been a while since I posted faves, and I am just getting back on the weekly posting schedule before my next exams, so since it has been a while, my faves this month (and maybe next) would be 10 instead of the usual 5.
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This month my faves were mostly hair related, I really want to say these faves were both September and October since that's when I got some new products and was falling newly in love and re-falling in love with some products.

This was one of my favorites last December, and every time I go home and use it I always fall back in love with it. I have completely switched from micellar water use to cleansing oil as I get older, my skin seems to be changing (again). I noticed taking off my makeup with micellar water was a bit drying and dragging (especially around my eyes and cheeks) so now I am all for cleansing oil year-round and this is doing the trick (when I'm at home). I still use micellar water but only as an emergency: like when I am too tired to do my routine (instead of makeup wipes).

This sunscreen has always been my to-go sunscreen for hot summers, I love that it is waterproof and balmy, has aloe vera, non-comedogenic and it lasts through hot humid weather. It also goes well under my makeup!

I have always used this shampoo on my wigs to clarify the scalp and cap area and to maintain them. And I just love how it smells like a crisp fragrant green apple, it is one of my favorite scents of the Suave Naturals/Essentials line (Next up is the Cherry Blossom) and it is free of silicones!.  I just recently started using it on my natural hair as a clarifying silicone-free shampoo for my scalp and I'm loving it!

My favorite conditioner of this same line is the coconut and that is because first, its silicone-free, second, it is moisturizing and leaves my hair soft, and third its smells great! because it is silicone-free it works very nicely as a co-wash and I love it so much! I have tried other co-wash brands on my hair and wigs but I keep coming back to this one because it is cheap, and it works better than the other brands (like Cantu). I keep comparing it to the Cantu co-wash but to be honest, I prefer this one because it cleanses my hair well and leaves it soft and moisturized!

Am I a VSCO girl now? I remember when I saw a youtube video by superwoman about this and it was one of the products listed that VSCO girls have. Although I have the app I never really use it. However I had bought it from bath and body works way before I saw the video and I bought it because I am genuinely obsessed with anything that has roses in it; rose scents, rose masks, rose tea, and even eating Chinese rose pastry while I was in Kunming (Yunnan Rose Flower Cake)-Gosh it was so yummy.  I love how the salve smells and I look forward to using it every night before I sleep. It has been a nightly fave!!

This product has forever been my favorite to keep my edges full and moisturized despite my daily wig wearing and using got2b glue daily. I use it morning and night after washing my face, and I just love how my edges have stayed full and have not suffered from my impatient, egregious daily styling.

I mention to full detail about this product on my Wig care 101 post. One thing I loved about it this month is it snapped the curls back on my favorite wig. I thought it won't return once I bleached the life out of it, but now I wear the wig daily in its natural form thanks to this conditioner. 

That's it for my favorites for last month!!
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