Friday, January 3


2019 has been a blur for me mostly, Exams Exams Exams I felt like I was running on a hamster wheel. It went by so fast, but I'm glad it is over.
To be honest, I don't know how I feel about 2020 yet, I guess I feel like I already can't wait till its over, maybe its burn out talking but this time 2021 I feel like I'll be much happier and excited and I am waiting for 2020 to go by in a blur as well.

We are about to dive in the rest of 5th year with NO breaks till the end, maybe that's why I am not excited about this year. Its gonna be more of a blur than 2019 was.

The summer was awesome, we had our first anniversary at a resort in Accra it was nice although the hotel staff wasn't as professional (too many stories- we even met with some prejudice) but we decided to take the high road and not give them a bad review. However it was a beautiful place, but we won't go there ever again. Watched Endgame with some friends and also celebrated my 29th birthday. Coming home for 2 weeks, I think I exhausted the social void by going out every day. I had to take some personal breaks (for my introverted 40%)).

I've been watching the season finale of The Good Place, Mixed-ish and Charmed.

Still going strong on my 2019 resolution, been doing vegan smoothies every morning with oat milk. It is expensive to manage but it has kept me healthy. Although I couldn't fulfill the resolution of working out.

My hair is growing! it is almost its original length-hoping it surpasses it and grows longer now that I am taking more care of it. For my skin, man as I age I see its effects, I need a dermatologist.

+ Survive 5th year
+ 30th birthday
+ Travel
This post is not as upbeat as most new Year posts but, it is realistic enough.
Happy new year folks!

Ore :)


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