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Every time I watch Korean drama Pasta, I'm always inspired to cook Italian food. Especially Vongole. Unfortunately, I don't always have clams at home, clams are not the type of seafood where you can store for long periods of time. I do always have mussels in my freezer so I decided to make this with another shellfish. This is one of my favorite dishes to make, I love how the juices from the mussels coat the pasta and just make it savory to taste.



+ 8oz Spaghetti (1/2  package) or 224g of spaghetti
+ 1 lb of mussels (cleaned and boiled/ ready to eat)
+ 1/2 tbs of red pepper flakes (i used a lot more because I love spicy food)
+ 1 tsp of chicken broth powder 
+ 6 cloves of garlic
+ 1 tbs of fresh parsley
+ 1 cup of chopped kale (or any green leafy vegetable you prefer)
+ 1/2 cup of dry white wine ( I used rose today- It just made it a bit pinker)
+ 1/2 cup of olive oil
+ 2 tbs of butter 
+ 1 cup of pasta water
+ salt

+ Boil of a pot of lightly salted pasta water, add the spaghetti and boil till al dente, set aside 1 cup of pasta water

+ As pasta is boiling,  slice the garlic thinly, chop the kale and the parsley 

+ add the olive oil, and butter to the pan/wok, then add the sliced garlic and fry on low heat till the garlic is browned 

+ add the mussels, kale, pepper flakes and the tsp of broth (to flavor the mussels lightly). and stir fry till the mussels are cooked
+ add the wine and stirfry for a bit more
+ take the mussels out of the pan and set aside, leaving the juice/mixture in the pan

+ add the al dente pasta with 1 cup of pasta water and stirfry till the pasta is cooked, add the mussels back and stir till the pasta water has evaporated.

*at this point I will mention that salting pasta water and adding it to the mix involves skill and being able to discern the right amount. I try not to salt my food before adding the pasta water or it will be over salted. I also salt my pasta water lightly to prevent everything from being too salty. If however, your food is not salted enough after adding pasta water, you can add a sprinkle of salt/broth at this stage to salt it to taste.*  

+ serve and enjoy. You can top your meal with a sprinkle of parsley and/or pepper flakes
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