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MAY | 2020

I was supposed to be working and posting my April faves today, but I decided to post something else. It is the beginning of a new month but yet the new month vibe is not really there because of this COVID situation, but I still wanted to talk a little bit about life. 

It has been a while since I did posts like this, mostly because I don't take many photos on my phone anymore, so I couldn't continue "looking back". But I feel like reflection is helpful, at least for my mental health.

Food | Since the lockdown, I haven't gone to any of the local markets but rather grocery shopping at stores and malls, buying more processed and slightly more expensive food. I have been eating less chicken and red meat and more seafood (albeit it is costing me a LOT) but I feel like I'm reverting to my old life while I'm at home. I eat more seafood in general but couldn't continue that life in Ghana because of how costly it is versus buying protein at the market.

I have been making Lo Mein with mussels and Shrimp Fried Rice, and even exhausting my craving for Italian food with lots and lots of pasta.

I've also been making lots of Nigerian food with the ingredients my mom sent from Nigeria (Nigerian Palm Oil is so buttery). I made Panla stew and Native Rice and finished all the Stockfish I had but it was worth it. I found Iru at our local mall and I have been springing it on everything like saltbae.

Its what makes Yoruba food Yoruba.

Health | Eating healthy and working out has taken a weird turn during this period. I work out less, but I am trying to get back on it this May. Maybe work out every other day at least.

I am still going strong with my Vegan smoothies (at least until I run out of fruits). But now eat more "snacks" and junk food at weird times because I have completely messed up my sleep schedule. I guess because I am no longer tired, I stay up longer and then I crave more unhealthy food and eat it.

Life | Life, in general, has not been on the positive side this past month, I feel like I'm not the only one feeling this way. I miss home, I miss my family, and honestly even though I am comfortable and safe here, I want to go home. Being apart from your family during this period is really tough.

I have been bullet journalling more during this time, even writing my thoughts daily, and reflecting. I finished two of my dot journals over these past weeks because of my daily planning!

Music | This past month, I have been loving Lexie Liu, G.E.M., WENS, Lolo Zoua├», SHY Martin, Boy in Space, Jessie Reyez, Mayorkun, Alicia Keys, and Julia Wu
School/Work | 
Since all that's left for us is clinical rotations and clinical exams for this school year, there's no school until further notice. Although we recently have begun some online assignments and Seminars; we are still waiting for news of what we need to do moving forward since we cannot be at the Hospitals at the moment.

Skin + Hair | 
A lot of people have been working on their "post-quarantine glow" well except me. I am still trying to follow my routine and failing dearly because my days just slip by me. That's something I will work on in May.

Social + Fun | In this period of social distancing, the only social interaction I am getting is with my roommates, as we socially distance together. I am grateful that I am not alone so I still have someone to talk to and hang out with. I have been trying to check on my friends and family at home and here, especially those who are on the frontlines and those who are essential workers.

Watching | Saved the best for last! So since I am more "free" I get to watch the one thing I wasn't able to do during school (because of bingeing and how much time it takes), Asian dramas!

I love watching Korean dramas and some Chinese and Taiwanese dramas on Netflix and Viki (and even Youtube). I rewatched my fave dramas Romance is a Bonus Book (a very nice "feel good" drama) and What's Wrong with Secretary Kim.

I also finished Find Yourself, Kim's Convenience Store(not a drama, but hilarious), and My Secret Romance.

Currently, I am watching, Our Glamorous Time, The Brightest Star in the Sky, The Wonder Woman (LOVE this drama!) and The Fox's Summer S2 on VIKI: Suspicious Partner, Well Intended Love S2 (I have a love-hate relationship with this drama, but I want to finish it), Because this is My First Life, Wok of Love, and Hotel de Luna (LOVE LOVE this drama but I get scared easily, so I cant watch at night) on Netflix: And I Cannot Hug You S2 on Youtube.

I have a bad habit of not finishing dramas so I am trying to round-up my currently watching list although I still keep adding new dramas to the list. I might even rewatch Strong Girl Bong-soon (my utmost fave drama) before I finish everything else.

That's it for my April, I don't have any goals for May: Just a prayer of healing for our nations, strength for our first responders, comfort for the families that are affected by COVID19, and for good news as we look ahead into the summer.

Thanks for reading!! 
Hope y'all have a wonderful May!
Ore :)


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