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Hey, y'all! so today's recipe is my husband's favorite pasta. Lemon Shrimp Scampi. A delicious buttery and garlicky pasta perfect for lunch or dinner with a nice tangy taste thanks to the lemon. It's quick, delicious and you'd be wanting seconds after taking a plate.

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+ Linguine 224g (8oz/ 1/2 the pack)

+ Olive oil 3tbs

+ Butter 3 tbs

+ Garlic 6 cloves

+ Red pepper flakes 1 tsp

+ Large Shrimp boiled-12oz/340g

+ 1/2 cup of parmesan

+ 1/4 cup of parsley

+ 1 Lemon or 3 tbs of lemon juice

+ 1/4 cup of white wine

+ Black pepper

+ Salt

+ Broth powder (chicken)

+ 1/8 cup pasta water 


+ Boil a pot of lightly salted pasta water, add the spaghetti and boil till al dente, set aside 1 cup of pasta water

+ As pasta is boiling, mince your garlic, slice open the lemon taking out the seeds, and chop the parsley
+ Add olive oil and butter to the pan till butter is melted (the olive oil prevents the butter from burning)
+ Add garlic and fry on low heat till golden brown


+ add the shrimp, pepper flakes, 
+ Squeeze lemon juice in the mixture and add 1/8 cup of pasta water
+ Add a tsp of broth/or to taste (to flavor the shrimp lightly)- note this depends on how salty your pasta water is. 
+ add the wine and stirfry for a bit more

+ add the al dente pasta and stir fry 

+ top with a sprinkle of black pepper, parmesan and serve, garnish with lemon slices 
+ Enjoy!!

Thanks for reading!! 
Ore :)

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